10 must need to do tips to keep your wooden Floorings well maintained!

wooden floor maintenance tips

After getting frustrated with carpet floorings you finally give chance to wooden floorings. Your floor will shine & spark after installation to few more months but after that what?

How will you maintain the same spark & shine every day, months and year? Most traumatizing question for every house owners & floor cleaner.

Hardwood guarantee adds value and comfort to your home, but they seek for attention. Day to day maintenance or thrice a week cleaning will add years to your floors. On hand recommended solutions will protect your investment you have made.
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In the beginning

  1. Before purchasing any cleaning, products make sure to read its label. Make sure the product is good enough to clean the surface dirt instead of damaging the wood. Seek professional help with glorious flooring, before picking any cleaning solutions, as the professional associated with Glorious have superior knowledge of flooring products with different finishes.
  2. Use protectors to furniture legs to protect the floors from scratches. Make sure to replace the protectors immediately after they wear out. For every sliding furniture’s replace the protectors once a month.
  3. Use rugs and doormats on the entryways, hall, sitting rooms or lounge areas. This would work as a floor protector as well as decorating piece.
  4. Make a house rule! Yes, keep a rule to keep your shoes outside of entryways. This would prevent the sharp knocks of stilettoes and tap shoes ruining your wood flooring. Keep room slippers for indoor movement.


Weekly activities

  1. Learn this habit by heart. This habit will save your flooring from getting damaged and allow the floors to stay in shape for a lifetime. Follow the three stated mantras every week.

Dry-Wet-Dry. Drying your floor first is an essential factor to remove dirt from scratching your floors while you mop. If you fail to dry your floors before wetting and cleaning it will work as a sandpaper and scratch your floorings.


Monthly activities

  1. Monthly inspection of floors is a most. Peep underneath your rugs, mats and compare your exposed floor and protected the floor. If you find any discoloration, then it’s time to freshly coat your floor.


Yearly activities

  1. Wood flooring gets easily affected by environment. During dry season you will find gaps in floors, in humid it will shrink back. If it doesn’t immediately seek for professional help to assess the separation. Use a humidifier to protect your flooring during a change in season.


Down the lane

  1. Deep clean your floors, freshly paint your floor every three years. Before doing so make sure to identify the type of floor as you’ll need to reapply (oil, wax, urethane).
  2. Never slide your furniture alone, you will end up destroying your floor. Seek help from movers or shifters.
  3. Re-finish & sand wood floors to give them fresh appearance every year. Solid wood floors can be re-sanded 5-10 times a year. The beauty of flooring depends on deep cleaning and fresh finishing coat.


If you are unsure of what to do and how to do, then you can consult Glorious Floorings for after-sales service, we are eager to help you at any point in time!

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