An Ultimate laminate floor buying guide!


Laminate are always a great choice. You have the options to select several wood inspired patterns allowing you to mimic actual hardwood floors. These are affordable enough to sink in any kinds of budget. Adding more to the beauty is the protective surface, and budget-friendly price. Further, the floor has protective surface that makes them resistant to scratch and wear & tear.

Laminate floor styles

They have array of styles, which are unimaginable- that’s why every space of your property appears distinct and great. However, in those wide style category options, few aspects need to be considered while you begin to search for a right kind of floor.


Many laminate flooring feature ‘planks’, wood style floor which are quite popular. The surface of the laminates is textured and printed offering natural appearance.
In the Australian market you shall find wood styles laminates mimicking the trending textures of hardwood floors (including hand scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed looks). Even the wooden texture comes in its own unique character and style.
These floor gives you warm, expensive and fashionable appearance. Choose a durable laminate over an elegant look of solid timber flooring without much cost.


Laminates can be manufactured in the form of real stone. This kind is popular in kitchen, and living space, which is just great. Following are the famous stone look including:

Slates – Classic and clean, slate shows impeccable style. Visitors will never know its originality. For an instance, Slate

Laminate – Ivory Sand, Natural Beige, Pebble Dust, Ebony Mist, are popular ones.

Stone Creek – Known for its fossilized pattern, the laminates shall instantly elevate the appearance of your room without any high maintenance. For an example, Azul, Camino, Sienna, Glace, Earthen Copper, and Antique Cream.

Castilian Block – Popular in neutral brown tone, Castilian block appears to be more textured. For an example, Pizarra, Puesta del Sol, Rambla and Tawny Beige.

If you don’t like the stone or wood look than there is no need to worry, as the laminate offers several of creative and bright patterns to add creative version of you in your home. You can select classic art deco designs, and creative patterns.

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Why choose laminate floor as your tiles?

Trendy: Laminate can take variety of shapes, sizes, and colors which will always be on trend. From classic to hottest styles you can choose any from it.

Waterproof options: Laminates are water-resistance. They blend perfectly with the high-moisture areas such as kitchen, kids’ room, so you no longer must worry about any kid’s spill damaging your wealthy floors.

Durable: Laminates are great choice for high traffic areas, which proves it to be durable. The glossy surface acts as a protection against scratches, tear and regular wear.

Increases property value: Trendy laminate flooring boosts your home value.

Versatile: This kind of flooring goes with any kind of style décor or anything that goes inside your mind. No flooring offers such versatility. The flooring works great with every room of your property.
How to install a laminate flooring?
Well, this can be a DIY project too. Though challenging it can be knowledgeable and entertaining, but not impossible. With right kind of tools in hand, your DIY can be successful.

Determine your flooring installation type: Well… there are two kinds of installation, which wholly depends on your sub-floor. Either you will be laying it on the concreate or wood. If you have wooden subfloor an extra carefulness needs to be adopted, for a successful installation. If you are not confident, do take help from the professional.

Level & clean the sub-floor: This is a definite foundation for a successful project.

Preparing wood sub-floor: Measure and cut the board that fits the room. Then lay the sub-floor to the thinnest. Screw the back board and reinforce any seams. If you have used tape don’t forget to cover it.

Follow the reference line: Lay the laminate flooring along the given guidelines of the room.

Place spacers: Use spacers at the edge.

Level the floor: Once the flooring is laid, level it. Level the uneven surfaces by gently tapping them.


Cleaning & maintenance of laminate flooring

After purchasing laminate, one needs to take preventive steps to eliminate damage of laminate flooring. You must be mindful, on the installation areas, as for bathroom it is not at all a suitable area.
While the surface is resistant to scratches, aging and discoloration. You can also go an extra mile by placing mats on the outside and inside areas of the entrance. This gradually minimizes the amount of debris and dirt that are tracked across the floors. An investment in felt pads can also work as an extra protection.
Do not avoid re-arranging of furniture, as it allows the floors to age evenly. Finally, you would want to protect the laminate from the harmful UV rays, one can use window coverings and rugs.

Basic cleaning tips

Despite accepting preventive maintenance, you would still want a clean laminate floor. You can use soft bristle or dust mop. Avoid strict usage of floor steamers, as they generate lots of heat and can eventually ruin the floor.
In market, there are loads of laminate cleaner, take recommendation from the flooring expert and then gently use it. Spray the cleaner on a cotton cloth, or micro-fiber mop. Avoid water or liquid cleaners, as they can damage the flooring.

Special cleaning tips

A spill, splash or stain can laminate the floor. But don’t panic, if you act in time and proper manner you can reduce the amount of damage or can even alleviate it. Stubborn stains such as markers, paint can be removed with nail-polish remover. Before using any harsh chemical on the floors apply it on the other surface.
In case dealing with tougher substance use candle wax, chewing gum, or ice. Use plastic scraper to carefully scrap the substance. Once removed, use damp cloths to wipe the areas.

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