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A well-known fact about bamboo; it is typically not a tree in the least, but a grass that has 1000 species. Bamboos are considered as a long, durable as well as resilient grass. Even without planting it grows back naturally and it reaches maturity in just four to 5 years. These make qualities make bamboo a superb, forest-friendly source of wood for flooring.

This amazing flooring provides an elegant feel of the interior designs. It can easily slide with any of the interiors and bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and clean, Bamboo is hardwood, it is not hickory, but bamboo is quite harder than ash or oak. Here in this article where we will try to give all possible information that every individual should know about bamboo flooring or trying to make up their mind with confusion before replacing their house floor with these centers of attraction.


Is bamboo flooring waterproof? An overview!

Bamboo flooring has been wide around for a short time, but recent technology is making bamboo flooring more versatile. Bamboo flooring is durable and features warmth and wonder that creates it especially desirable for flooring. Though there are many species of bamboos, just some are suitable for creating flooring. Moso, an example, maybe a common choice to make bamboo flooring that reaches 40-50 feet high after only one year of growth.

In another three years, the reeds are mature enough for harvesting. After harvesting, the bamboo is dried within the sun then digs strips that are shaped and planed. From these strips, bamboo flooring is formed through a process of laminating and marking. Mainly there are 2 types of colors available for bamboo flooring are natural (a light woody color) and carbonized (an amber shade). There also are other color variations counting on the staining method.

Bamboo flooring has many remarkable qualities that make it adequate to or better than many other “wood” flooring options. It is as hard as hard maple and has been confirmed as highly stable than oak. Regarding the durability, the flooring can last for years, and can never go out of the trend.

There are various types of bamboo flooring as well as estimated in the different criteria. Some are grains types, installation types, and color and texture types that will help you with the decision-making process. Read this blog to find more details on the bamboo water resistance.


Grain types

When it comes to grain types, it has three main different categories. They are

  • Horizontal bamboo
  • Vertical bamboo
  • Strand woven


Installation types

Choosing bamboo flooring for your house or business sustained the installation type first may be a sensible decision because some installation types are more complex and thus more expensive than others. It is also further divided into three types:

  • Nail or Glue down
  • Floating: Glue-Seam
  • Floating: Glueless-Click


Color types

When it comes to color types, buyers have several options like:

  • Natural
  • Carbonized,
  • Tiger
  • Stained, and
  • Direct print.


Surface texture types

For surface texture types, house owners and builders, Architectures have three leading choices:

  • Smooth,
  • Hand-scraped, and
  • Hand sculpted.

These were some kinds of information that introduces bamboo flooring and its different types of different criteria to help you out. Now let us talk about the applications or uses of bamboo flooring in the different sectors around us. Here are some ideas for how can use bamboo in your house or commercial space:



  • We can use the walls of the buildings.
  • We can turn it into the furniture
  • We can apply the bamboo flooring to the kitchen.
  • We can use it as the stairs of your office or home.
  • Bamboo flooring can be also used on the ceiling.
  • We can use it as the countertops.
  • It can be applied as the exterior design of your place.

It is time for the last category of the article. How to maintain or take care of the bamboo through it is an eco-friendly product than other flooring types?



Maintenance for bamboo flooring is not any different than for other pre-finished wood floor products — frequent sweeping or vacuuming, spray cleaners and sometimes mopping. Environmentally, the impact on world forests would be affectedly narrowed if bamboo flooring were more widely and rapidly used.

When considering bamboo flooring, it is important to understand that not all bamboo is equal. Neither is all bamboo processing equal. Some industrial companies or wholesale companies are even now selling immaturely cut bamboo for bamboo flooring. The result’s low-quality, cheap bamboo flooring that will not last. Timing is additionally important in processing bamboo. If it is not treated within three days after it is been cut, the bamboo can easily mold, making the resulting flooring look bland and dull. Make certain to verify that the wholesaler you affect is knowledgeable and may assure that their bamboo and processing methods are of top quality and the points given below that you should take care by yourself for the betterment of the bamboo flooring and giving a long life to the beauty of your place:

  • Keep the floor clear of dust and dirt by sweeping or vacuuming regularly ensures that any spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent damage
  • Clean regularly using a hardwood floor cleaner
  • If placing furniture, make sure that any legs are fitted with protective capping and refrain from dragging furniture around the room
  • Ensure any free-roaming pets in your home have well-maintained and groomed nails, to avoid scratches on the bamboo.
  • Try to maintain a consistent humidity in the room to avoid the bamboo from drying out and ensure your bamboo flooring has a suitable expansion gap of at least 10mm when being laid.
  • Shield the flooring from long-term sun exposure
  • Avoid any cleaning products containing ammonia, wax, acrylic, mineral spirits, polish, bleach, oil, acid/vinegar, and bleach or detergents
  • Do not mop with excessive water

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