Is bamboo flooring water resistant? Know everything about Bamboo flooring!


When people are becoming ecologically sensible, the type of flooring they want to use in their house has now become an issue which is considered constantly, however Bamboo which mostly grows in large amount and is renewable does not affect the environmental degradation concerns. Naturally made products demand has skyrocketed in recent years, as we know that everyone has a desire to have more appealing and attractive flooring in their house, the popularity of bamboo flooring is as much high as hardwood floors.

The maintenance of bamboo floors is not so much difficult, all we need to do is swept the dust particles and use a wet mop to clean it. Preservation of bamboo floor is simple, and it is cost-effective, so if you want to decor your home with bamboo floors then it is not so complex as you might have thought, and you should never worry about its installation process. Bamboo is a natural surface covering material and has a lot of properties of hardwood floors even when it is normally produced from a type of grass but is known as a tough material compared to the traditional ones.

Bamboo flooring normally comes in prefinished form and finished can be reapplied on most products and is available in many different types such as strand bamboo which is considered highly resistant to moisture is used to produce many high-quality flooring.  Bamboo flooring which is mostly sourced out of china has various brands and is available in many standard formats but some of them are poorly manufactured in terms of quality and durability. Talking about the durability bamboo is hard material and the final flooring produced from it is also quite resilient. But if the proper manufacture is not done then it obviously creates some problems after some time of usage.

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Almost everyone has a question regarding the water-resistant ability of natural made flooring. Good care is required in every type of flooring but in case of bamboo flooring the care must be given more as bamboo has a high chance of getting damaged from over exposure to water. Naturally made materials is always hard to maintain for a longer period but if it is done cautiously then the warm feel and energy it gives to our mind and body is quite priceless. The cost that you spend on these types of products will surely pay you back in a good and effective way.

As we have talked about strand bamboo earlier, the hardness and durability it provides is amazing but there are also some types of flooring which are made darker in color to give it a unique look but somehow lose its charm and various chemicals used to give those appearances makes the product more softer and less durable. The toxic chemicals used during the manufacturing process plays a critical role to deteriorate the natural products so in today’s competitive market the various trends and demands made from the customers side as well as to gain huge amount of profits manufacturers also tends to forget the rules and directions they should move on to. So, these cases have also made the flooring business lose its trust and customers confidence to purchase the product.

Even if bamboo flooring is easy to maintain, it is highly vulnerable to scratches so the use of high heels, pet-paws and the furniture’s can damage the flooring and may create a dent on it. This type of flooring is considered highly sensible because even small strands of dust particles and stones can cause scratches and bump on it. So, you better be careful and give your full time and effort to make it new and beautiful for years.

Considering the budget required to purchase the bamboo floor is quite less compared to traditional hardwood floors and when taken as highly durable flooring, people give their mixed reaction in this topic. Using bamboo floors in a kitchen is not a good option as you have already read how much sensitive bamboo is with water. So, if you will avoid its use in a kitchen then it will be better and regarding its humidity level, it would be better if you would install it inside your home rather than in your balcony. As, it is available in various colors and types you would be able to match it with your preference and find the unique and beautiful design you have been waiting for.

So, at last, there must have been a question in your mind, with this much of issues and requirement for its maintenance, will it be good decision to purchase it?! Then the answer will be obviously YES! In the sense that strand bamboo is highly recommended to produce a good quality flooring which will give you durability and standards that you desire. Manufactures also consider this type of bamboo to be of high value and gives the same pleasure as of hardwood floors.

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