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As style and technologies change every year rapidly, it can be difficult to cope up with commercial flooring trends. And you are lucky, as you don’t need as Glorious Flooring keeps tab of the latest changes in floorings products and keeps you updated about the innovations in flooring concept. Know what’s trending in products, shapes, and style to keep your business on cutting edge.

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Wood Options

Past decades hardwood floorings are continuously driving the commercial flooring trends every year. Today, floorings buyer has more options than before, we can thank the manufacturing industry who has been using the latest technologies in manufacturing wood-type floors in large varieties of products including;


An affordable type of floorings which releases the appearance of hardwood floors but does not comply with its price. Laminate floorings are more realistic and are leading the commercial trend in the wooden markets.

Solid timber floors

Advancement in graphics technology has allowed the manufacturer to infuse reliability with durability. These natural hardwood floorings are resilient and easy to maintain and is a popular flooring which is widely used in residential and business complex. Solid Timber floorings are entirely made up of selected species of wood.

Engineered timber floors

A new phenomenon flooring which directly impacts on the cost of flooring. It makes use of a thin veneer of species providing authentic hardwood surface layer. The surface is no different than the traditional hardwood flooring. Beneath engineered flooring, there is a core made of plywood which is stable and strongest. This flooring is less expensive than the solid timber floorings and leaves a noticeable impact on your floorings.



“Sustainability” is the biggest drivers of floorings today. There has been a sudden outburst for environmentally sustainable products across multiple industries. Business today have recognized the inclination of eco-friendly products.  For this reason, the flooring sellers are sincerely looking forward to choosing floors which are sustainable and eco-friendly.

There are several floorings holding sustainability the most popular amongst them are Bamboo floorings.

Bamboo is a highly renewable and recycles source for both commercial and residential floorings. It is the fastest growing plants and comprises properties like hardwood floorings. It shares a grey line of hardwood floors followed by some certain portion of vulnerabilities. These are made up of natural vegetation and relatively easy to maintain as you just need to vacuum or regularly sweep to remove particles. One can also use wax or non-wax or alkaline to keep the floor up to mark.

As people are environmental conscious natural material reflects the product values. They also seek for designs which accept the modern cookie cutter reflecting natural evolution and individual personality.

Bamboo floorings elevate the elegance of space and reveal the timeless appearance of hardwood. Over times bamboo floorings may get scratched or discolored but the surface can be refinished, re-sanded and then fresh coats can be applied to give fresh look. Bamboo floorings are available in horizontal, vertical and strand woven style while they are available in natural and carbonized color with a rustic appearance.

Glorious Flooring has the best products to keep up with the latest commercial and residential floorings. To learn more about the products, please contact us today!

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