Is bamboo flooring suitable for your property?


Like buying house, installing flooring is also a major decision. Specially if you are a property owner who needs classic infusion with your interior decor than, this could really be a downline decision which has been framed past five years but is about to get executed this year.

That surely defines the amount of sacrifice you have made so far, to pull in the best flooring decisions. However, let us tell you, that even under a packed budget, you can get wonders of flooring solutions. One of such is Bamboo flooring. From durability to hardness, from elegance to timeless appeal it has it all.


For underfloor heating

A great floor covering for under flooring heating but one needs to make a wise pick. Few of the bamboo ranges have been tested for the compatibility with the underfloor heating.

Bamboo is stable enough to withstand every temperature change by allowing sufficient transfer of heat through floor surface.


Which bamboo flooring is highly suitable for underfloor heating?

  • Ivory white bamboo
  • Stone grey bamboo
  • Rustic carbonized bamboo
  • Natural bamboo
  • Chestnut brown bamboo
  • Ivory white bamboo

All bamboo accessories such as beading, door bars, skirting and ramps are suitable and available.


Quick tips to use underflooring in bamboo floors

Though bamboo flooring are a great companion for underflooring, there are some mindful tips you need to understand;

  • Your existing subfloor needs to be leveled, flat and dry before getting it installed.
  • For screed, make sure its installed and running for a week before you concreate subfloor is tested.
  • Turn off the under heating system before installing bamboo flooring.
  • Bamboo floor needs even heat, so the whole space needs to have underflooring.
  • Once the floor is installed don’t allow the temperature exceed more than 26 degree centigrade.


For Bedroom

Bamboo flooring gives a natural floor covering that is durable, versatile adding more character to any shape and size bedroom.


Which type of bamboo flooring is suitable for bedroom?

  • Parquet block bamboo flooring: The block of the bamboo flooring is smaller allowing the designer to create unique geometric pattern. The choices available for this are carbonized, natural adding more style and character to every bedroom.
  • Strand woven bamboo: These are stronger solid bamboo which easily compliments the decor and style of every space.
  • Solid bamboo flooring: They offer traditional grain pattern and has a great choice for horizontal and vertical grain. These are stylish and elegant pick suitable for every bedroom texture.


How to take care of bamboo floors laid in bedroom?

Looking after bamboo flooring in bedroom is as easy as other spaces. All you have to do is, adapt simple cleaning process such as sweeping and cleaning.


For Kitchen

Kitchen atmosphere is quite busy and hectic one. You do require floors which are sustainable to moisture and hardness.


Which type of bamboo flooring is suitable for kitchen?

  • Strand woven bamboo flooring: As the bamboos are shredded and woven together its durable and versatile floor covering. It is as hard as Oak flooring. Further, its robust nature can withstand any changes in the temperature, moisture, humidity which are mostly sought in kitchen.
  • Carbonized
  • Natural
  • Chestnut brown


How to look after bamboo floors laid in kitchen?

Bamboo floor is simple to take care of. Firstly, you need to clean and sweep on regular basis. And for spills, instant wiping is a must. For if you leave any spills for a long time it may damage the surface. Just prevent unwanted stains and marks on the floor.


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For Conservatory

A perfect pick for conservatory as it is versatile, durable and can successfully withstand temperature changes. Conservatories constantly change its environment. In summer they can get humid and warm, while in winter it can be dry and cold.


Which kind of bamboo flooring is best for conservatory?

All types of bamboo flooring can be used for this purpose. But we need one which are more stable and can react to humidity and change in temperature in much better way without getting damaged. Below are the ones which are suitable for conservatory.

  • Solid bamboo flooring
  • Carbonized bamboo flooring
  • Chestnut brown strand woven bamboo
  • Natural strand woven bamboo


How to look after bamboo flooring in conservatory?

Bamboo flooring is extremely easy to take care. Follow regular cleaning and maintenance routine like every other room. Sweep dust and dirt regularly. If needed clean wood with PH balanced solution.


Bamboo flooring cleaning & maintenance guide!

Bamboo floors are mainly known for their durability, easy maintenance and strength, but not knowing how to take care of it can form a pit hole on your investment. So, we are sharing quick yet essential tips to preserve the freshness and natural elegance of bamboo flooring.


Regularly clean your bamboo flooring

A pile of debris and dirt can detrimental your floor. If dust and dirt are left uncleaned while walking through it can cause scratch and dents which can damage the floor. To prevent such circumstances, a regular cleaning is a must.

  • Sweep floor on regular basis by using a soft broom or brush.
  • Clean your bamboo covered space, on weekly basis by using PH neutral wooden floor cleaner. Don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals.
  • Further, for simple cleaning, water and mop can be used, but make sure the mop is wrung out entirely. As excess water can swell and wrap your bamboo floors.
  • Say ‘No’ to steam mop, as it can penetrate the floor and can cause breakable damage.
  • Immediately wipe out spills or dirt. Use observant clothes to soak liquid.
  • Avoid using products which leaves slippery residue. Prevent usage of oils, furniture polish and waxes.
  • Acidic cleaning product should be strictly avoided.


Bamboo floor damage & prevention

Regular cleaning routine is important, but another method to keep floor fresh and new you need to prevent damage firstly.

  • Place doormats on entrance to prevent dirt and moisture from outer surroundings.
  • Ask visitors to remove shoes outside the entrance before walking on bamboo floor.
  • Apply furniture protected pads while moving furniture around.
  • Never drag sharp objects across bamboo floors, as they are likely to cause scratch and dents.


Re-finish your bamboo flooring

After few years, the floors might lose their elegance and luster. To revive the same newer look and to re-seal from further damage, use a wooden floor lacquer. Take advise of professional experts for carrying out re-finishing work.

Glorious Flooring has every types of bamboo flooring needed for your property. To know about the product and their price, do contact us. Our willing to assist staffs are always there to monitor your search for flooring in every possible in way in whole of Silverwater, Australia.

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