Is laminate flooring Waterproof? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

laminate flooring waterproof

What do you look in a new floor? Well, the question is sure to gain different answers. May be some of us desire to have a flooring in contemporary designs, while some look out for more traditional approach which is durable and long-lasting.

Laminate flooring have a distinct property. It resists every spill, but it’s does not wholly protect the floor, hence the laminate boards are water-resistance but not exactly waterproof. But unlike any other materials it does not spoil the floor boards.

If these sounds familiar than we believe there is no further searching, as laminate flooring disperse classic, contemporary flooring. The natural looking boards are available in different shades and price range suiting the complexity of your home and pocket.

These are ideal to water-prone area such as kitchen, bathroom as it can ideally withstand any water spills. We believe this is the last thing you want to lay as a brand-new flooring for your property. At a short span of time it can quickly absorb moisture.

For those in search of wood look in water prone areas, laminate is the greatest choice. Though not completely 100 % waterproof it abstains water from destroying the boards, however every spill needs to be immediately cleaned as these can cause fatal accidents.

The brand of laminate is ultra- impressive holding hydro seal-protective coating, which means the spilled water shall gather on the board instead of seeping inside the cracks or underlays. This ultimately makes the entire cleaning scenario easy and simple.

When taken care properly, these materials are expected to retain their original beauty by surpassing a life span of more than 15 years. However, it is important to protect the laminate as it can’t be re-finished like hardwood.


Laminates are always property owner’s favorite flooring

Numerous reasons exist why laminate flooring never go out of style. With so many added benefits including maintenance, durability, variety of colors making the users easier to pick as per their interior.

The popular factor of laminate is that it has an authentic resemblance to timber, where the buy at an extreme affordable price can get the grain and texture of woods. Following are the laminate options which can be considered as the versatile one for picking it;

  • Classic Step

Laminate beside being durable and hard-wearing its stylish as it is like engineered timber. The Oak style floorboards are available in distinct cuts giving authentic hand-crafted feelings. For contemporary characters and quality this can be a classic one.

  • Beautiful piece of board

The distinctive piece has several qualities. It is environmentally friendly and has a nobleness beauty. For any room it gives fresh and original fragrance. It includes resilience, anti-fade and easy maintenance.


Keep your laminate flooring in top condition…

#1. Protecting the laminates

  • To prevent unwanted scraps, while moving furniture around, place floor protector’s underneath.
  • Put doormats at entrance to trap dirt’s. This highly reduce the chances of setting the unwanted dirt.
  • If possible, follow the rule of keeping your shoes outside the house. For excessive use of high heels inside the laminate floors can take the plank chunk out or can cause dent to the floors.
  • Trip your pet nails for they can scratch the boards and make them look ugly.
  • Protect the floors from unnecessary sun exposure, as it can fade the natural color of the flooring.
  • To reduce wear on planks, consider placing rugs.
  • Quickly clean spills to prevent excessive absorption of moisture.

#2. Regular Maintenance

  • For simple cleaning no heavy process is required. The rule is to use little water as possible to prevent moisture from damaging the floor.
  • Use soft bristles to broom the floors, for hard bristles can scratch the flooring.
  • To clean the perimeter, use soft brush attached vacuum cleaner. Don’t miss to vacuum around the legs of furniture.
  • Use micro-fiber mop pad while cleaning the laminate flooring.

#3. Dealing with the damage

There is always a chance of damaging the stuffs. Specially those ones which are just out of your control. Beneath are the tips how you can bring the laminate floor back to life.

  • For getting rid of chewing gum stains, use an ice cube to freeze the gum and carefully scrap it off with the knife.
  • For candle wax, allow them to harden it and scrap it off gently.
  • For oil, paint, ink stains in the laminate flooring use a small amount of nail polish remover. Dab the remover on the stained portion and use another cloth to wipe it. You can also use alcohol to remove it.

Laminate wood is different from PVC and linoleum flooring. It incorporates layers of paper, resin and wood. It is comparatively cheap especially to wood or natural tiles and is hailed as low maintenance and stain resistant.

A high-quality laminate flooring consists 20 per cent of synthetic material and adhesives along with 80 per cent paper and wood. Wood and layers of paper comprise the center of material, while the bottom of the layer is water-repealing. The layers are bonded with high-heat, sealers and pressure. The formaldehyde content is usually found in sealers.

Another distinct character making laminate a popular flooring is that it can be installed without the use of adhesives. As of traditional flooring adhesives are toxic in nature though it has a broader appeal.

Formaldehyde and other toxic substance are highly used in the manufacturing process. However, laminates are available in low or zero emission laminate. Many of the flooring available in the market comprise of several health associated risk. PVC flooring, for example holds several harmful chemicals.

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  • High-quality laminate and resilient.
  • Aqua laminate is very much suited for wet areas.
  • Versatile in residential and commercial areas.
  • Laminate is available in concrete, wood, tile with large selection decors of every style and living.
  • More use of natural substance to ensure healthy indoor climate.

“We promise highest quality laminate floors”

Laminate is all about elegant floor coverings.  Our laminate flooring are sure to impress you with optical appealing design, high functionality, and durability. Glorious Flooring has range of laminates, perfectly suiting individual and corporate taste. For all those, who prefer to create their own projects and would like to install their own version of laminate floors we have it all. Contact us today!

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