Mismatched Hardwood Floors

mismatched hardwood floors

Would you like your interior to have a stunning appearance that not only gets attention from others, but also gets your appreciation? 

In that case, mismatched hardwood floors can look lovely and give your home a completely unique appearance. On the other hand, some homeowners believe that all of your floors should match when they install new hardwood flooring.

Many homeowners believe that matching their floors throughout their home creates a sense of cohesion and space, but this is not necessary.

Individuals often become confused when faced with hardwood floors that have varying shades, are discolored, and mismatched.

It is important to keep things simple, less confusing, and less challenging when it comes  to mismatched flooring.

Our professional hardwood floor installer will provide you with some advice here.

In the first place, 

The main reason for mismatched floors is the Sun Fading. However, you can collect some samples in various series of the same color, then match them to the worn floor.

Choose the room’s largest furniture piece. Whether you enjoy mismatched hardwood flooring or not, go to a hardwood floor professional to receive the help you need.

Moreover, blending wood tones is perfect and, in fact, highly applauded. 

Experts suggested, “Picking an imposing wood tone at the beginning will be much helpful for you to select other pieces to bring into the particular mismatched faded flooring area and also help you to get a better idea.”

More options for combining wood and tile floors can be found by doing a Google search. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to employ multiple types of hardwood in your home.

To get rid of these complicated kinds of stuff, you have to consider that the situation and color of a room’s flooring have a remarkable impact on the room’s environment. 

You may have already adjusted with actual hardwood floors like many people in your home. Except for the kitchen and dining room, which are one large room, there is a golden wood tint throughout the house. When using engineered and laminate flooring, strive to match the faded tone of the living floor to the new items.

It is better for you if you have numerous wood floors in your home because it will make your home feel diverse and distinctive. After all, there are no rules when it comes to blending hardwoods. 

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen and need to keep a flooring option. Here’s a great example of getting into something perfectly.

For instance, if your living room already has a beautiful hardwood floor but you don’t like the floor in the entrance hallway or dining room, it’s a good idea to decide on a few or more wood floors when rebuilding your home’s flooring.

It will give you perfect and unique mismatched hardwood flooring from the entrance room to the backyard flooring.

Benefits of Mismatched Hardwood Floors Design 

Choosing a simple tile with a single color can be tedious. Combining colors and patterns in your design will give your area a bold feel. Mix & match tiles are a fantastic way to do this!

There are several ways to organize various flooring options around your home to make it feel like a continuous work of art.

The rooms from the bedroom to the laundry room, the kitchen, or the living room, the spaces in your home serve different functions and styles, so why should the floors be the same?

Here are the pro peaks for having fun with your remodel and choosing the right particle flooring for your home.

Proper use of the flooring

When it is about to design your house, there are many kinds of following to choose from. Natural stone tiles, amazing wood flooring, carpet, and cement all have their special area and use in your house. For example, cement flooring is ideal for your laundry room for drainage purposes. 

Carpeting will work well for tuning cold drafty basements into welcoming modern areas. And natural stone flooring, like marble, includes a clean and luxurious feel to the kitchen, bathroom, and living area.                                                                                                                                          

Building consistency 

When it is about to cover an ample living space, stick with the same kind of flooring. Like, if your wish is to combine marble tiles with wood floors.

Make sure you’re not also combining different wood kinds of different marble types. Using the same two types of flooring in the proper spaces will include consistency in your house. 

Carefully select your tone

While you can certainly mix different textures and be mindful of how colors will suit one another. For example, selecting a dark wood floor to assemble against a stark white tile may be a shaking vision that’s a good left avert.

A way to ensure that your combined flooring options will flow smoothly all over your house is to select tiles and wood that have the same undertones. If you are selecting dark hardwood, be sure that your matching tiles have a brown or beige color that will perfectly mix the texture. 

The less than three rule 

Having more than two different kinds of floors mixing is confusing to the eyes and may make your place seem mismatched.

When making your design choices, do not exceed more than two different kinds of material per floor of your house. 

Tips for Mixing and Matching Floor Styles 

  1. Use different colors: One way to get a dramatic yet stylish flooring transition is to main one color. Professionals advised setting darker pieces of furniture on the lighter pieces on the darker floor to balance the interior and make it flow. Easy, right?

Mix and match: Differently colored luxury vinyl, or ceramic tiles. 

  1. The lay floor in opposite directions: if you need adjoining rooms to have vinyl plank flooring but still need an evident separation, place vinyl planks in facing directions, beginning at the rooms’ shared doorstep. Keep in the same color palette. This will accept the patterns without getting too busy.

Mix and match: Luxury vinyl planks 

  1. Lay down mosaic-patterned strips: Looking for a transition that’s eye-catching and complex? A mosaic-patterned transition strip is your best bet, and it’ll add a well-deserved floor desire from houseguests. 

Mix and Match:  Luxury vinyl sheet and Ceramic tile, or ceramic tiles 

  1. Get wooden floor strips: Not all flooring strips are unattractive, and that’s where the wooden chances come in. If a room with wood floors ends up into a room with tile, make this deal simple by using a wooden flooring strip that matches the colors of the wood floor. 

Mix and Matches: luxury vinyl plank and ceramic tile 

  1. Try curved carpet lines: Curving your carpet line is the best ( and modern) technique to mix and match flooring. Additionally, it’s an innovative way to turn an uncovered floor-idea room into the best multipurpose area. Sometimes a bent line is the best way to bring you into your place. 

Mix and Match: Carpet and ceramic tile or carpet and luxury vinyl plank. 

  1. Go with subtle color transitions: A normal, geometric line in a shade that’s between your rooms’ colors is a frail yet sophisticated way to shift between two ceramic tiles of opposing colors. 

Mix and Match: Ceramic tiles, or ceramic tile and luxury vinyl in stone 


If you are considering mismatched hardwood flooring, talk to hardwood floor professionals  to get the help you need. You can choose from our wide variety of flooring services as well as free estimates, which we offer for your convenience. 

Please leave your questions and confusions in the comments section. Would you like to know more? If so, you can contact us or schedule an appointment. 

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