Radiant heating floors for bamboo floorings!


Bamboo flooring is the hottest trend in the market. Figure out the common misconceptions!

If you are looking forward for the kind of flooring that doesn’t create a pit hole in your pocket, but still looks inexpensive, durable and strong, then there are few choices that gives you better value.

Before pushing you towards the product, let us make you clear, that bamboo doesn’t fall in any kind of wood. It’s a grass with amazing qualities and is harder than any kind of wood forms such as maple or oak.

If you have decided that, bamboo flooring is your ultimate choice fitting to your budget than, you have a very confined selection. You can pick the color course, and buildings according to the method of installation.

Let’s initiate the bamboo flooring by discussing their planks, texture, and grain build. For the flooring purpose there are three main types of bamboo planks;

  1. Strand Woven Bamboo Planks: When the bamboo is being processed from its raw form to a usable material, several thin strands are collected and trimmed during the milling process. The obtained strands are later inter-laced together and compressed heavily to make a hard floor plank. To add more durability on it resin is added.
  2. Vertical Grain Bamboo Planks: Bamboo planks are placed vertically and compressed heavily. The compression here, instead of keeping it horizontal are placed sideways. Here, too lamination can be placed to remove uniformity issues.
  3. Horizontal Grain Bamboo Planks: The bamboo fillets are placed horizontally together, and then compressed heavily with the powerful adhesives. This makes the plank hard, and capable of withstanding large weights. If you want a smooth surface, then a high-pressure laminate process makes uniform thickness, removing inconsistencies.


Is Radiant heating suitable for the bamboo floors?

Radiant is a fast heating source, which can be easily installed in both commercial and residential areas. These heating’s are like baseboard convectors, that doesn’t directly heat the air. Unlike the hot blower, it makes the radiant energy travel in every direction.

For a hardwood flooring, this is not suitable as it can dry out the floors from heat. Among hardwood planks, bamboo floors make a great pick, as it doesn’t suffer from heat and can tolerate the change in humidity.

The effectiveness of floor heating depends upon the factors such as installation process, maintenance and the quality of the bamboo floors. Therefore, a bit of research is mandatory as one needs to approach for adult bamboo instead of a new one.

Another important part is sub-floor. When installing floor’s its much safer to add the floor with a stick instead of nails. When you nail on the planks, there are chances of rupturing under the sub-floor. Among different flooring, bamboo floor, is perfectly suited for the underfloor heating. A lot of flooring materials are subject to change, but a bamboo flooring on the other hand is kind of more sturdy, stable and reliable.

A radiant heating generates humidity and heat. So, the flooring company all recommends to use at least 6/9- inch thick plywood. Whereas the sub-floor shields and stabilizes the bamboo flooring defending the radiant heat.

Before installing the bamboo flooring, the installer should at least allow the boards to acclimate for minimum three days. This allows the floor to manage higher humidity and heat. As we know, bamboo is a typical grass, it needs a continuing heat and when installed over a heating technique, its important to set the heat of the surroundings, but don’t heat over 80-85-degree Fahrenheit.


Using Bamboo as an element of decor

Earlier hardwood was in trend, and bamboo flooring was just a simple way to showcase about your love towards environment. Hmm! To some extend that’s true, but it has become much more than that. In fact, you can use Strand Woven Bamboo, as it takes the decor to another level. It turns the all of your spaces to an aesthetic dream.

Now, bamboo has strived to become one of the most relevant material in the market. Availability of quality material, stunning variation of colors, patterns and width you will figure out to be one of the healthiest interior design.

Bamboo excludes formaldehyde or harmful VOC; you can rest in peace as there is no chance of harmful effects in regards to your health. You will enjoy the beauty and safety of the flooring for the years to come. It has a great lifespan up to 35 years, which is quit long.

Its an amazing material to decorate with, as it can be well-matched with any existing interior or even if you are remodeling it goes well. The color and grain features are an added boon. From light colors to dark it suits with all.

It just makes your flooring dream true, just under a well-tucked budget. It also adds value to your home and at a same time homeowner can take part in sustainable investing too.

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Hardest type of Bamboo Flooring

So far, Stranded Flooring is known to be the hardest and most durable kind of bamboo flooring. Few experts suggested Natural Bamboo is harder compared to Red Oak, whereas Carbonized bamboo is closer to black walnut which is just soft. Stranded Bamboo Flooring are 250 per cent times harder than Red Oak.

With its extreme durable characteristics Stranded Woven flooring is ideal for both commercial and domestic purpose. These are susceptible to scratches and minor marks, from daily wear and tear. It holds thickness of 14mm, 12mm, 10mm flooring to fit customers suitability.

Its an outstanding environmentally conscious flooring choice. By now you have harnessed the advantages, characteristics and features of Bamboo Flooring, so exclude the dilemma of it being one of the most faded flooring options. Though it comes in a natural form it can be laminated to give a freaking style or you can use its own natural form to give it a much classier look. Further, without any professional help you can sand or re-sand it to again gain the natural color.

For range of Bamboo Flooring & its versatility color options do remember Glorious Timber, Contact us!

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