Why choose bamboo floors? Reasons that will urge you to get one!


After going through every content, you have finally assured yourself to get a new bamboo flooring. So, let’s take a quick look on the biggest advantages that our space has to offer. For those home owners searching for durability and cost factor, this is a perfect choice.

The product offers great value for the money. Exploring on the factual portion, bamboo is not technically wood, it’s a grass, a plant filled with amazing qualities. Besides, the satisfaction of self-installation, you get a boasting right without having to hire any professionals to get the job done.

Another cost saving factor, we say.  Unlike hardwood and carpeting you don’t need any special tools to fix any issues. Specially with the click lock system, no glue is required. One just need to correctly fit in, or else you will be facing problems like, shrinking, bending, swelling and cupping.

If you are searching for flooring, which are economical but at a same time has timeless appeal than look no further.

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Know as the strongest material on a planet. It has a tensile strength, while a strand woven bamboo is three times stronger than the ordinary bamboo. It can stand for decades, even if used regular in a high traffic area.

But yes, proper maintenance is a must to prevent scratches and color fading issues. So, when you see your floor a little worse than yesterday than you can simply re-finish it.

Over time, you might observe loss of shine in the floor space. This might be a cause of rule ignorance by your kids or your pet sharping their claws. Don’t worry, refinishing of bamboo floor can be done in an easy & affordable manner.

For this, DIY can be done. All you need is to sand down the boards and re-apply the floor finish to again rejuvenate the fresh appearance. Depending on the plank thickness, the process can be carried out multiple times. A perfect way to inject new life to a house.

What makes the bamboo floor durable?

  • Water resistant factor: Bamboo is incredibly resistant to warping, staining, and other kinds of damage. But to prevent moisture, staining must be cleaning within 24 hours.
  • Dimensionally stability factor: As the plant itself grows on the humid area, it can perfectly cope with the temperature change. As a result, it can well blend in areas such as kitchen, basements, bathrooms. However, proper installation is a must.



As you have already decided to lay down a new version in your room, the cost and labor part easily mount up. Luckily, bamboo is an inexpensive material and possess cost saving merits.

While comparing bamboo with other material, you will roughly figure out price constraint without any adjustment in quality and style.

Alongside, you can save an additional buck on the following way;


Installing bamboo floors by yourself

A much quicker and easy installation process, rationalizing the labor cost. Positively, these are readily available for installation upon purchase.

All you need is to thoroughly go through the manufacturing guide and follow procedures, step by step. If you by chance miss one step, there are chances warranty violation. The fitting action is somewhat like jig saw puzzle. A way affordable method, relatively declining the pricing factor.


Habitat Friendly

There are conservatism, who are very much concerned about the future of the planet. So, what they do is pick a greener option to minimize the negative impact on the earth. That’s why bamboo flooring become a top priority.

Why bamboo is a greener alternative? Let’s take a close look;

  • Natural High Renewable Product: A plant seeking no requirement of factory-made harsh chemicals. Whereas, within 5 years the entire process from plantation to harvesting is completed.
  • Re-generation: Bamboo is a GRASS! Yes, a grass, which can revive itself from the root, without causing any sort of damage including deforestation.
  • Soil Stability: Like earlier we said, no deforestation is carried out. The soil around the plant is steady causing zero eco-issues with no sort of erosion.
  • Council Approval: Bamboo floors carry a certification and a logo on its product, which states that they have successful passed every test, without any unfairness.


Stylish factor

Important aspect when picking a floor.

Bamboo is a trendy material and can be altered into any texture and garnishes.  To further obtain a dusky dark appearance, it can be caramelized, during the manufacturing process, by heating sugar in plants, for more traditional color scheme.

Any if you want to change the look more often, you can change the look of home in every year.


Popular kind of Bamboo planks

  1. Strand Woven Bamboo Planks: When bamboos are processed, lot of thin strands are obtained. These strands are inter-laced and then compressed to get a floor plank. To add more durability and strength resin is added to it.
  2. Vertical Grain Planks: The bamboo woods are placed in a vertical form. For this, compression is done on sideways. While to further prevent minority issues, lamination process is carried out.
  3. Horizontal Grain Planks: During the formation of grains, bamboo fillets are processed which are then compressed heavily with the help of adhesives. By doing so, the planks are capable to withstand any large weight. To add more thickness, lamination board can be added.


Glorious Flooring has been firmly supplying bamboo flooring to the whole of Australian territory. Despite price adjustment, we have not at all compromised with the quality factor. If you are planning to entirely change the flooring structure of your residence, but due to high price you are just dropping your plans, then Do Remember Us.

We provide bamboo flooring in Sydney at a wholesale price. From flooring to accessories we have it all. If you don’t believe us, contact us, we will schedule an appointment where you can yourself check the quality and price. We guarantee you with much greater satisfaction then the rest of flooring suppliers.

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