Buying & DIY guide: What to look for when buying Bamboo Floorings?

If you are looking for distinct space, you can consider bamboo Flooring. It is an affordable, attractive and durable option for your living territory. It’s not exactly hardwood, but its some what a replica of hardwood that provides unique appearance.

In terms of stylishness it offers several colors and with their knotty looks, they are recognizable. There is no reason for not to love them. From shade benefits to surface textures you get everything you are seeking for in a flooring.

But here are few things buyer’s need to know when plunging for Bamboo floors;

  • Like hardwood, bamboo has several varietals. These have their own exclusive graining, natural color and density which makes them the most resilient flooring choices.
  • A favorite material for environmentally concerned property owners, for these plants grow faster and leaving the roots intact when harvested.
  • These are manufactured and harvested in similar hardwood concept. It is cut, striped & treated with heat press. Then after adhesive is applied for the plank’s stability for durability and resiliency.
  • Natural bamboo encompasses natural feature which can be stained in any shades during manufacturing. From expresso to light, it offers great color scheme.
  • With interlocking joints, its relatively easier to install. A perfect DIY material which can be a boundless selection for your innovations.
  • Bamboo should be treated with uttermost carefulness. Simply dry mop, make use of damp cloth or easy wipe. Wet mop should be strictly avoided, as excessive moisture can immediately damage your beautiful floors.
  • Prone to humidity. Just like hardwood installation, if the humidity is high, bamboo can buckle & expand, if its dry, it can shrink causing gaps between the planks.
  • It’s a great investment for your property and a perfect addition to your interior design.


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Why purchase Bamboo?

Its three times harder than Red Oak or Brazilian cherry. It has higher sustainability with eco-friendly factor, making it a great choice for your home. Further, it has low VOC levels, climatic suitability and warmth.

It comes in two different forms; traditional and stranded. While traditional is developed with vertical and horizontal pieces of bamboo poles, standard is created from shredded fibers of such bamboo poles by compressing them together under the pressure of 5000 tons.

It is available in textures similar to hardwood, wood like tiles and laminate. The natural characteristics of bamboo expands further through wire-brushed and hand scraped textures adding more rustic touch to the product.

While the distressed surface, adds age and gives smooth finish to the product releasing a clean and classic look.

Engineered bamboo can be generously installed in any grounds i.e. on, above, or below grade level. While traditional can be fixed in or above grade level. This flooring product is available in different installation fit including glue, float, locking, nail and staple fixing.

These are children and pet friendly, and can stand any wear & tear with an additional option of water resisting capacity, making it the most eligible pick for any room. Whereas, for the maintenance part, we recommend regular sweeping and vacuuming. But don’t use any stern chemical components, as it will damage the floor.


DIY for every Bamboo Floors

If you are considering to help yourself with the entire flooring work then, we suggest click-lock decision. As you can lay without any help from installers.

It requires, no nails or glues. You just need to cut the board to a right size and fit them to their designated place. The planks click together, and looks similar to tongue & groove flooring.

Locking floors can be connected to a concreate or plywood subfloors. These are humidity responsive, so these go great with beach front homes.

Nailing on bamboo surface is challenging, while using adhesives, gum can be really messy, for this reason we recommend more of non-click-lock-styles.


Bamboo style floorings, offered by Glorious Flooring are manufactured to lock out dust and dirt. However, they still need attention to preserve its charm for the coming years. Follow daily care routine & maintenance guidelines and instruction shared with you by our friendly staffs, to increase the longevity of the floor.

Our products are made up of finest and highest quality. However, to ease the financial constraint of your beloved customers, we supply every of our floorings at a wholesale price in Sydney, Australia. To know more about the pricing and product details, do call us today!


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