Ultimate guide to Kitchen Flooring: Make your Kitchen a LUXURIOUS ONE!

kitchen flooring guide

Shabby kitchen, you end up eating delivered food or sleeping hungry most of the times. Beautiful kitchen ideas start by upgrading your floors. Most of the flooring designs today consists of low maintenance and durability. An array of beautiful material options and styles gives you an overwhelming experience. This blog is specially written to help you pick great kitchen floors beforehand.
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It’s better to go through heaps of ideas after taking a wrong decision and regretting it. Your flooring pick should mainly depend on the functioning floor. The kitchen area is like the busiest area of the house after sitting room! From spilling to peeling there is a lot going on inside your kitchen. Besides sustainability, you’d want a material with low maintenance cost and withstand for ages.

As per our research, the top flooring options matching the budget & durability with ergonomics are;


Concrete Kitchen Flooring

It has a contemporary appearance and is durable to any of the busiest kitchen. Any customized look can be given to concrete floorings.

Fresh concreate can be waxed, stained, polished and stamped. It is versatile & moisture resistant.

Tips: If you are residing in the area where the winter season is for more than 5 months, better add radiant heating beneath the concrete floor to warm your flooring surface.


Bamboo Floorings

An eco-friendly product which is suitable for kitchen flooring material. Besides being eco-friendly it has great strength.

Tips: While selecting bamboo flooring, go with brands which have a warranty of more than a year. You can identify the quality of bamboo in its warranty period. Bamboos are eco-friendly and grained with long warranties.


Laminate Kitchen Floorings

The top floor i.e. the laminated part can withstand any kind of abuses. Even though it looks soft above the surface underneath it’s hard. Laminate flooring is available in several designs, style infusing the modern solution for kitchen flooring.

Glorious Flooring has a range of laminated floors quickly go through it and pick your best one at a wholesale rate!

It is easy to install & uninstall, with a wide variety of options and cost-effectiveness.

Tips: For additional cushioning when standing, take advice from professional & install it underneath.


Wood Kitchen Floorings

Timber wood has always managed to remain in the top in buyers list when coming to floorings. The warm unique look is what makes it an extraordinary requirement of every interior designer and architects.

Woods are not only durable but strong and can sustain any kind of pressures. Wood needs an extra kind of attention from moisture. To protect your wood flooring in the kitchen you can add a rug to prevent spills and peels.

Glorious Floorings has a range of timber floorings i.e solid timber floorings, engineered timber floorings which are available in diversified color at an affordable wholesale rate.

Tip: Add an extra coat to keep the wood sealed. If you are residing in a cold region avoid wide planks.

Glorious Flooring is the wholesale distributor of floorings in Silverwater, Sydney Australia. We have a range of floorings and accessories at an affordable rate. Products offered by Glorious Floorings are of high quality, so if you have used floorings of Glorious Flooring then we can surely say your property is of high value!

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