Laminate floors Application and Maintenance

laminate flooring application

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring product fused of several layers of different materials together with a lamination process or single pressing operation. While with the look and the texture of woods or stone, the interesting fact about the laminate flooring is; it contains no woods materials, rather they are manufactured from resins and fiberboard particles and although it’s a tough and durable man-made product that is easy to clean, pet-proof and easy to install.

It has got significantly in popularity because of easy to install and maintains well than traditional surfaces due to hardwood flooring. It makes a good choice for the person looking for a durable floor that they can fit and forget, even in the fullest part of the house. With different thicknesses, lengths, and widths, laminate flooring may be a great motive of the house for someone who wants the portrait of wood or tile, as it is the floor that delivers great value. Packed on the edge with relaxed living benefits, modern generation laminates flooring is ideal stuff for the houses who wants a good-looking floor on a budget.

Installation of laminates flooring has many more advantages as it is a very less cost and requires less skill to install than other alternative flooring materials as well it is more practically durable, hygienic, and very easy at the maintenance. The following points may clearer the advantages of laminate flooring:

  • We have known already that laminates flooring is at a much cheaper cost than real wood or stone floor which is one of the best advantages for people who have a tight budget or for rental properties. It is resistant to the strains, impacts, or scratches so perfectly for the busiest parts.
  • It does not fade in sunlight like the other species of woods or stone products.
  • It is a very hygienic type of flooring. It is very quick and easy to clean, and it does not allow for build-ups of dust or dirt.
  • Most good quality laminates flooring is also water-resistant. Some of its types are also labeled as waterproof so it is very important to check before.
  • Durability is the strength of laminate flooring and it is the biggest benefit of it.
  • It can be also installed over an existing floor.

Through reading out the advantages, many of you would have a question about its usage. What is the perfect part to place or install it? Where it can look soberer and be the attraction of your place? Is this be used at houses? Here are the answers to the following questions that which would help you:

  • It can be used in high traffic areas like in different offices, schools.
  • It can apply to the living rooms and able to be the attraction of the house.
  • It can be safe in the kitchen.
  • We also recommend the laminates flooring to be used in the rooms with lots of water like a bathroom, utility rooms.
  • It is already mentioned, the laminates floor is staining resistant. It can be used in hallways and entryways.
  • It can be also applied as the conservatory of the places.

Even because of its durability it is ideal for households with a pet no doubts. Laminates flooring is one of the best applicable stuff whose budgets are on your hand and easily, rapidly growing its popularity throughout every corner of the world as an essential part of the quality of life.

We hope this article has given the kinds of information you were seeking for or pieces of knowledge that a person should already distinguish before buying and installing the laminates flooring.

How to keep laminate flooring shining? Laminates require a special kind of attention to actually keep them gleaming all the time.


How to protect the laminate flooring?

  • Immediately wipe the spills as water+ laminate causes disaster.
  • Place soft rugs or mats beneath the bowl of your furry friends.
  • Never use any chemical to make them shine as once the wax build-up it becomes difficult to remove it.
  • Avoid scented cleaner as it can leave behind soapy residue leaving it dull.
  • Traditional wet mopping is the biggest ‘NO’.
  • Keep a practice of leaving the shoes outside the door, as high heels and stiletto can damage them.
  • Trim your pet nails, especially cat nails, as when they get furious can scrap the protective layers of the laminate.
  • Place furniture pad underneath the furniture


Quick maintaining tips

  • Using a damp mop for cleaning. Less water more cleanliness. One can use warm water with drops of dish soap to get a clean floor.
  • Using soft bristle to clean pet’s hair, dirt and dust remove dust and dirt.
  • Using vacuum to collect the hidden dust.
  • Occasionally use a steam mop to deep clean the floors. Daily use of steam mop can buckle the laminate.
  • Using window cleaner for occasional spills, but excessive use of cleaners containing ammonia can strip the protective sealant.


Making any dull laminate floor shine

To make the laminate shine, the best way is to avoid the excess soap-based product. Using soap-based products dulls the appearance as it creates buildup. To avoid any streaking in the laminate flooring follows the manual guide. If it still continues to take help from the flooring experts.


Removing the buildups and scuffs from the laminate flooring

Go easy on the floors to remove the buildups and scuffs. Scuffs on walls, deck, and floors are easier to remove when they are fresh. Escalate fresh water and start cleaning with a soft cloth and gentle wipes.


Cleaning the laminate floor naturally

To retain the natural form for laminates one needs to clean the floor twice a week. If shoes and pets are allowed, then frequent cleaning is needed. Keeping a floormate before the entrance controls excess dirt.

A lot of homeowners keep on wandering how to clean laminate flooring as the floor is somewhat different from the usual flooring. As the materials of laminate and other flooring are different. Choosing to install laminate flooring saves homeowners from the financial downturn. The product is also easily available at a much lower price and can be easily installed. Hence, if you are seeking laminate flooring wholesaler in Sydney contact us!

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