Restaurant flooring ideas: Best Flooring Types 2020

When selecting a restaurant floor there are several things that needs to be considered. From sophisticated decor to cleanliness, comfort, durability and safety- the eatery faces a lot of demand. Owing a restaurant with a bar? Or a fine dine? The aspect that needs to be kept on priority is the flooring, for its always a good idea to figure out ways to reduce the workload of the employees. And one of the most suitable way is choosing the right flooring.

But how-to identity the best flooring styles? Or styles which suit the respective areas? The experts at Glorious Flooring is here to help you in finding suitable flooring for each section of the restaurant.


  1. The Elegant Waiting Area/Lounge

The waiting lounge area of any restaurant leaves a first impression. This is an area which is designed for the customers to lay back and relax while waiting for a place in the dining area. As the waiting time can be more than 10 minutes, the section should be aesthetically pleasing.

The flooring space for the waiting area should be visually appealing and should be durable, slip resistant and easy to maintain. As a result, we suggest a dark timber flooring. For a classical, timeless and traditional appearance hardwood flooring the best option. Between the floor type and grain several staining options can be used, to get the absolute spot on. Over time hardwood can be refinished to again give a refreshed appearance of the room. Though a bit pricey option, it sets the room apart adding more warmth and value to the waiting lounge.

The pros of installing pre-finished hardwood flooring in waiting area:

  • It soft and warm for the feet.
  • Its fairly durable, can lasts long if properly installed, maintained and sealed.
  • It can be quickly re-finished. If you think the shiny appearance of the hardwood is lost over times, you can get it refinished and get a fresh look just like it was installed earlier.
  • Plenty of hardwood options to pick from.
  • Can be painted, stained with several options, that allows you to customize the look of the restaurant.


  1. The Fine Dining Room

The dining room is where the gathering takes place. May be for a birthday party, or may be for a small get together, business meeting, or a casual night out, the customers visiting your restaurant should find these areas pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. For a warm and inviting approach, we suggest wood like options such as laminate flooring which gives dining room a fine presence. These solutions are durable and can stain up any stains, scratch, moisture resistance, which a is a better hardwood mimic.

If you have thought something near like hardwood in the fine dining area then, laminate floor is a perfect fit. Made to imitate the wood grain, the laminate is available in several types and colors, which virtually goes with any décor. It can typically maintain any formal look for a dining space. It can maintain the formal appearance which are just great for every families and friends.

The pros of installing laminate flooring in the fine dining room:

  • Once installed these can serve you for years.
  • The laminate floorings are easier to maintain as you don’t have to work much on the cleaning and maintenance process.
  • It is available in wide color range and designs. You will definitely want to explore more of the color that matches your style.
  • It can be easily installed over old flooring and over other types of flooring.
  • It is comparatively affordable to other kinds of hardwood flooring, that can be used in restaurant.
  • A most suitable choice for the areas that seek for moisture resistance. For the cafes and restaurant, the laminate flooring is the most preferred flooring.
  • It can be installed in short time period.
  • Can be placed with underpayment.


  1. Kitchen Zone

Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. Though kept out from the eye of public commercial kitchen look out for high attention as a part of restaurant design. When it comes to choosing correct floor, durability and maintenance various factors should be kept on consideration. For these reasons, we suggest vinyl flooring.

Vinyl has been gaining attention in residential and commercial areas. These are waterproofs and works great in Kitchen area. They also greatly imitate the flooring options including hardwood, and natural stones with an easy repair service.

Pros of installing vinyl flooring in a restaurant kitchen:

  • Wide color ranges are available for the kitchen flooring.
  • Comes in different shape, size and patterns.
  • These are durable and can last for years.
  • These are moisture resistant and can enhance the appearance of the restaurant to give it a better look.
  • These are affordable kind of flooring.


  1. The Bar Zone

Strand woven bamboo is perfect for a commercial use. The planks are made in such as way that it can withstand any amount of traffic. The planks are shredded and compressed under a defined pressure to create one of the hardest planks. The plank strands of bamboo flooring are hard and makes a perfect choice for the flooring. It is definitely natural and sustainable flooring material.

Strand woven bamboo is popular and are framed in such a way that gives dimensional stability and durability. The flooring is tuff to withstand resilient and can be laid over sub floors with high amount of glazing.

Pros of Installing Bamboo flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring is durable, and strong like hardwood.
  • These are non-allergic, and Eco-friendly options.
  • It is an inexpensive choice compared to hardwood flooring.
  • Strand Woven Bamboo is tough and durable that can be used in bar areas.
  • Can be used in versatile manner.
  • One can use float or underlay to fix the sub floor.
  • Available in great colors and styles.
  • It hygienic, clean and great for allergy sufferers.

Jazz up your restaurant flooring in different way. Get an expert to fix every corner of the space with the right kind of flooring. From fine dining experience to wacky bar, one can lay out hardwood floor throughout the retro space or use a mix match flooring concept to radically get the outstanding appearance of your restaurant. Glorious flooring offers best flooring options and accessories to the restaurant owners at an affordable price. The floorboards are of high quality and are supplied at a wholesale price in Sydney. To know more contact, us!

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