3 ways to fix gaps in Hardwood floors

fix gap in flooring

One’s mind can never settle for less! When you have made an investment its obvious you want the best. Same goes with flooring selection, when you make an investment its obvious for you to pick the best floor which is appealing and durable in nature. Hardwood flooring can be a significant investment for the property owners. To keep the floors at their best, its necessary to take care of them in a proper manner, for in a natural wood product spaces may appear between the planks. A common occurrence which is caused due to fluctuations in season change causing the humidity to rise and fall.

Variation in temperature can cause hardwood to expand and contract, creating thin line gaps. These gaps are noticeable especially in watery areas such as bathroom, and kitchen. While extreme high temperature beneath the floor can develop gaps. On drying the boards are likely to form voids, as there are chances for the wooden board to shrink.


So How can you prevent the gaps in hardwood floors?

One of the measures the floor owners can take is to use small room humidifiers to minimize the gaps. But if you have already started seeing gaps in the floor than, it’s better to act earlier as the problem could turn out to be more costly and worst.


How to assess the flooring gaps in the floor?

Once you start to notice the flooring gap, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is, asses the gap and fix the hardwood planks. Before that identify the;

  • The width of the gap.
  • Total number of gaps.
  • And the sturdiness of the floor.

If the floor has started to show the sign of small appearing, you may fix it by yourself. But if you have noticed massive number of gaps or the floorboards are creaking or moving, you do need a professional assistance.


Why should you fill the wooden gaps?

One must keep in mind that every wood shall expand and contract during the change in season. If you see gaps in dry winter but don’t observe anything on summer, its better to leave the floorboards alone. For in the attempt of filling it may create problem on the expansion.


Understanding the types of filler used to seal the floor gaps

Rope Filler:

The oldest way to repair floor gap is by using cotton rope or jute by applying carpenter glue. Once the glue gets dried seal and restrain the floor. But one should find a rope width that matches the floor gap.

Process of using Rope Filler

  1. Use a screwdriver to scrap the gap. Remove the built-up dust and dirt from the gaps. Be careful not to scrap and damage the floor edges.
  2. Clean the loose debris and repeat the procedure till the gaps are cleared.
  3. Choose a rope which is larger than the gap.
  4. In a clean container pour the wood stain.
  5. Dunk the rope in the saturated composition and pull out the rope by letting the excess strain drip back.
  6. Allow the strained rope to dry but don’t expose it to the sunlight of excessive heat as this could lead to fire.
  7. Force the rope in the gap by using a tool to the wooden surface


Wooden strip filler:

This more like a DIY repair. You need a saw and some spare floorboards, to strip the board. You gently apply glue and hammer the strips into the gaps and allow it to dry.

Process of using Wooden strip filler

  1. Measure the length and width of the gap.
  2. Cut the strips with a saw to the measured width and gap.
  3. Apply wooden glue on each side of the strips and use a hammer to tap it. Allow the glue to dry.
  4. Sand down the strips, but make sure not to damage the surroundings of the floorboards.
  5. Finish the strips to match the rest of the floor.


Wooden Putty for the filler

This is a relatively easy method and works on small gaps. However, there are chances for the gaps to open up during the dry season.

 Process of using wooden putty filler

  1. Clean the gaps of the floorboards.
  2. Apply putty on the gap in a circular motion to force the putty.
  3. Allow the surface to dry while the remaining can be wiped by using the damped cloth. Make few passes to prevent the putty from coming out.



Professional sometimes suggest removing the floorboards and re install again to remove the gaps. While re-installing it don’t pull the tongue and groove for you may damage the board if removed improperly. Check the flooring manufacture guides and follow the instructions. If the gaps are widespread its best to take the professional help.

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