laminate vs hardwood flooring Comparision for 2020

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Every flooring type provides a unique look, and you want to coordinate them with your taste in your living areas. The most popular flooring option for any living area is hardwood and laminate flooring. These flooring options give you a good vibe and provide benefits in visual terms and quality. But let’s be more specific and find out which type of flooring can be good option for you. So here is a guide for you to know more details about these flooring types. Good flooring should always have a great appearance, should be easy to clean and must be durable. When you are choosing a flooring option, the main things you need to consider is their texture, pattern, quality and its price.

laminate vs hardwood flooring

Warm and Vibrant look of Hardwood flooring

The vibrant look of hardwood flooring adds the importance of your living areas. Talking about quality, it is the best choice for you. The color of a hardwood floor doesn’t easily fade away as it is naturally made product. You can easily clean the floor; the stain doesn’t remain even if you spill your food or stains. Hardwood is a real piece of wood, might be of oak, cherry or walnut.

Hardwood flooring choice can give you real nature made product. It gives you those aesthetic and appealing look. In recent years, its popularity has been skyrocketed and more people want to have good quality flooring in their home. You can consider the main benefit of hardwood flooring is its warmth and standard. It might be because of its attractive look, the space of your home will be wide and spacious.

Hardwood flooring is not completely scratch resistant. So you should also consider the room in which you are going to apply the solid hardwood floor.  That means the warm feel of hardwood floor will be quite effective for your bedroom. When you drop a heavy object on the hardwood floors, it can also dent. So obviously carefulness is required a lot more than you imagine. For kitchen it will be a good choice if you avoid hardwood floor. Kitchen is the place where you work the most, spill the things; so the best option would be looking for any other tile options.

The installation process requires cost according to the square foot of your home or of any room where you want to place it. It is same for any flooring option.  You can do the DIY at your home, but if you call the flooring services company workers it will be quite easy for you.


Appealing look of Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring which is also known as flooring tile is the synthetic flooring. It gives you the look of rock or of woods. The best benefit of laminate flooring is that it is economical. More business organizations or companies have been using laminate floors. It is durable and is also pet-proof. Many families are now laminating their home because it is quite impossible to scratch it and it gives a new look for a very long time. It can also not be easily dented. The experiences of many buyers are always better and comfortable. Laminate flooring is not natural, it consists of layers. It is a way of putting a picture of wood or a brick in cardboard. But it really gives you those natural look of a wood.

The installation process is really easy and the flooring is also quite durable. Compared to hardwood the durability is less but considering its price it is adjustable. Even if is DIY friendly the careful installation is always required because there can be a gap between the tiles after installing.

The maintenance of laminate flooring should be done in a regular basis. If the flooring is overexposed to sunlight then it does loose its texture and quality. Splitting more water can damage the flooring. There can be also the chances where you have to change the whole flooring because of the decaying problems. So the use of laminate floors should be done in a proper way. As it is quite economical compared to hardwood flooring, you can easily replace it with the new one by having no regrets. For kitchen flooring it will definitely be more preferable than hardwood. The craze of laminate floors is as much as of hardwood floors. People now want appealing look with a lower price. So, the choice to laminate your bedrooms and kitchen will never be a bad option.

The flooring of your house can change the entire look and finding the best-styled flooring for each of your room is always important. But your new floor should also be more than just a style, it is necessary to ensure the needs of your home and your family. You should always consider your budget before purchasing any flooring products. The most gathering place in your house is always a kitchen. Here, moisture conservation and durability must be focused. You surely would not want to spend more on it by only focusing on its outer appearance.

So, water proof laminate flooring is a way better option to choose. Laminate is manufactured to give look like a wood and is more resistant to scratches and damages.  The next place to consider is your living room and bed room, here you would want to feel the warmth and want it to be more inviting, and so solid hardwood is more preferred in this case. It is easier to wipe up the dirt from hardwood and gives you the natural feel of the wood.

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