3 best flooring choices for the Corporate in Sydney

Choices and options for the commercial hubs in Sydney

The first impression is the last impression remember! This not only implies the dressing sense of a person but also on the office space. A business complex needs a certain appearance and feels that it gives a first reflect on the corporate culture. Not only does a good living space pass on a great aesthetic but also offers a certain level of comfort.


What are the best flooring choices for the corporation in Sydney?

Installing a completely new floor is one of the most expensive home improvement projects. With so many available choices- laminate, hardwood, engineered flooring, and bamboo- where should we actually begin from?

Along with the option, is the budget that plays a vital role in picking the floors. Additional to it, one must also look at the foot traffic, wear and tear, and sunlight. For instance, few of the engineered woods aren’t resistant to moisture – a serious drawback for high water usage areas such as kitchen, or bathroom. For such areas laminate would be a better choice, as they are water-resistant.

High-Quality Flooring available for the corporate in the Australian market!


A classic and timeless – Hard Wood Flooring

Available in two forms Solid & Engineered timber flooring, the product has a natural warmth, and impressive wear. The floor can be re-sanded and re-finished several times. Remember, the pre-finished floors hold better than the on-site finished. The products come with a factory warranty, hence, purchasing from the retailer might give you a tough time to get a refund or warranty on the floor.

Further, the engineered flooring is composed of thin layers of wood which are joined with adhesives. It can withstand a higher level of traffic and humidity, hence are the long-term cost-effective choice.

Solid wood can be a popular choice in the Australian corporate houses. It has a wooden board of 0.75-inch-thick and can be installed by nailing the sub-floor. The wood flooring are available in strips or other forms ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches or 4 to 8-inch-wide planks.

According to Consumer Reports, prefinished woods involve less work and durability. These floors are fairly easy to clean; sweep or mop and can be reasonably installed via DIY or through basic installation guide. People just love solid wood flooring as it is a great decor which is sure to last for generations. The expert also states that the hardwood floor increases the re-sale value of your home.


The alternative of hardwood- Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is the fast-growing plant and hence are of renewable nature. It can produce flooring which looks and feel like hardwood. An eco-friendly alternative with greener choice. Just like the hardwood option, the flooring is available in two forms: solid strips and engineered planks. It comes in several grassy pattern that highlights the grainy textures. The end-grain bamboo has short strips, while vertical-grain bamboo has tightly packed narrow strips, whereas flat-grain bamboo flooring has darker strips showcasing the nods.

State suggests, “bamboos are environmentally friendly, grows faster than trees in any climate, and absorbs carbon quickly.

The bamboo flooring is suitable for living areas in the business complex, hallways and meeting rooms. However, it is not sturdy for kitchen room or dining hall.


A glossy texture- Laminate flooring

With a thin veer over the layers of fibers, the laminate flooring is constructed much like engineered hardwood flooring. The above layer of the flooring is a glossy board while underneath it is compressed with fibers. Which means, for the businessmen who want their office space to give an expensive appearance of hardwood, stone or tile. Few of the laminate brands use cork backing, which prevents them from making high muffling sound. The best of the laminates tends to resist scratch or discoloration and can be tough for the high traffic area.

Laminate floors are available either in tiles or planks. Most of them are made up of floating system, which can be installed right on the old floors. Laminate can mimic the whole look of wood for a much lesser amount. It is in fact, easy to clean with minimum maintenance and resists to scratch and scuffing.

The floor is suitable for high-traffic areas such as kitchen, foyers, and playrooms.  Several reports suggest it as a reasonable choice for the basement till it faces no further issues of standing water or leaks. Should strictly avoid in the laundry room, bathrooms or wet rooms.


Flooring Checklist before purchasing floor for the Corporate

Remember Sampling is Smart!

Before you make a direct leap to purchase, get samples of the flooring which are your top choices. Compare them side by side where they are going to be installed and take a look at them from every angle.


Make a consistent comparison

Not every batch of product is similar in textures. Variations can occur in one batch to another, so buy the whole batch instead of picking just few, as you might be needing in one point of time.


Avoid the measuring mistakes

Determine the length of the room, measure it via square footage by multiplying its length with its width. Buy an additional 7 to 10 percent extra to allow samples or mistakes. Consider buying an extra piece for future or additional repair.


Understand your traffic patterns

Common entrance is the most suitable areas for generating high traffics. Th to and fro movement of the visitors and employees are sure to strain the floors. Hence, when selecting one for the corporate house consider the resilient flooring. Consider using engineered timber flooring or bamboo flooring for such space.


Do check for the certifications

Every flooring industry has certification which signifies the presence of low-level compounds related to pollution and health problems.  Do check the product packaging and manufacturer certification.


Ways to save the flooring cost

Check the prices, with the available discounts in the retail markets, then buy directly from the manufacturers or whole sellers as they sell the product below the price list.

For the installation, one can reduce the cost by negotiating with the manufacturer to provide reference for the laying process.

Glorious Flooring is a well-recognized flooring seller in Sydney. We offer qualitative and several designs products at an affordable price. To know more about the trendiest flooring product in 2020, contact us!

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