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Any commercial property owner starting a new version of business gives importance to lots of business facilities. Business owners when establishing a business look forward to making an employee-friendly zone with added elegance. From a top-notch décor to the durability they look out for all. And Sydney offers all to such businessperson with a range of commercial flooring options which are of sustainable for all flooring types.

These property owners prefer to work on the beeline i.e. not thinking twice to set up the swankiest place in their commercial property. They have the knowledge of every commercial flooring idea, and hence select a well-designed elegant office that is keen to attract the business associates, customers, employees, and vendors.

So, what they prefer to work on is to expand their time and energy in making their commercial premises visually appealing. Looking for distinct commercial ideas?


Choosing timber flooring as commercial options

Solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring, have always held sway for the established owners. These floorings are timeless, appealing and have a classic flavor which makes the most commercial property seeker invest in it. Adding more is the beauty and warmth with durability which can last for years.

When coming to timber flooring, there are several options available for commercial purposes. However, before committing to getting installed, one must be aware of its factors and consider before purchasing one of them.

  • Wood grade: One of the common terms you hear in the property market is the “wood grade”. This actually refers to the characteristics of the timber including the type of grain, color variations, a number of knots, and the size of the knots. These characteristics are essential to influence the overall appearance of the timber floor.  For example, a timber wood with a large knot and several cracks is suitable for the ones looking for a more rustic and edgy appearance. While those who are looking for more appealing and formal commercial flooring might want a clean and straight version.
  • Wooden hardness: Another factor to be considered is the low-density level compared to hardwood. These are cheaper options and perfect for the property owner who is under a tight budget.
  • Wooden style: Like laminate flooring, timber flooring comes in different styles and trends. In general, timber flooring is available in three options: strips, planks, and parquets. The timbers are also available in a straight, flat surface, in joints with grooves or micro-levels.
  • Surface Finish: Unfinished woods and pre-finished woods are the only surface option. Unfinished woods are manufactured without any finishes. These can be engineered floors or solid wooden floors. The finish is only applied to the site after they are installed. On the other hand, pre-finished woods come from acrylic engineered or solid wood types. These are actually trendy with a durable finish.

These are expensive flooring options in the commercial market. Therefore, when choosing or buying timber flooring, one must restrict its budget as the flow of budget when investing can sometimes overflow.


Laminate flooring for a commercial setting

Laminate flooring can be used for the commercial setting. The commercial floor asks for minimal maintenance and the ability to withstand any traffic. So, few of the most demanded areas to install laminate flooring is fitness studios, yoga training center, apartment complex, cafes and photography studios.

Laminate floors are known for their durability, with greater AC rating. These ratings are determined based on the installation suitability and the amount of traffic. The laminates are rated in between AC1 to AC5, higher the rating more durable will be the floor.

  • AC1: Modest residential use
  • AC2: General residential use
  • AC3: Heavy residential use
  • AC4: General commercial use
  • AC5: Heavy commercial use

AC rating is important for commercial property projects. The higher you expect the use of the laminate project, the selection of the AC rate should be higher.


Structure of laminate flooring

The laminate floors consist of four layers.  The majority of the material is about 85 percent which is a high-density filler. It sometimes consists of a significant percentage of recycled materials.  Beneath the laminate floor, is a balancing layer that directly connects with the underlayment or subfloor.

Above the filler is the decorative print that allows the surface to appear great in the commercial setting. The printed portion can look anything, from hardwood to stone or to just random patterns. The wear layer is clear, and the decorative surface can be seen in impressive form. It penetrates the dirt, liquids and protects every decorative layer. The material is thick and does make a difference in between the commercial-grade and residential flooring products.

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Maintenance of laminate flooring

Commercial-grade laminate flooring does need a few attentive maintenance virtues and qualities. It includes some peculiar characteristics such as:

  • The wear layer of commercial-grade floorings is of high quality, quite resistant to penetration and scratching. Spills, dirt, and staining agents rest on the general surface which needs regular maintenance.
  • UV light exposure causes staining; the surface shall pull out the layer. The flooring can be used without any worry in any public open areas.
  • Commercial-grade laminate flooring cannot be re-finished. The invisible layer over the surface is the only line of defense. When you find out deep scratches on the floor its time to get it replaced.

Commercial flooring is the focus and ability of glorious flooring. We do have strong buyers spread across the Sydney region; therefore, we can offer consistency and continuity with flooring supplies across Sydney. Irrespective of the content requirements, we are keen to provide the flooring solutions. Our flooring house has a team of flooring experts therefore if you are willing to take qualified technical assistance, our team can guide you throughout the buying period. We are quite unique with our flooring products; therefore, you can take every end to end solution as per the specific requirements.

To know more about the commercial flooring options in Sydney contact us!

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