Can Double Layer Underlayment Flooring be used with Laminate Floorings?


You asked our experts a direct question, and now as a professional we are answering you straight for the raised questions. And the answer is NO! It is not recommended to install double layer or thick underlayment with a laminate flooring. Let’s talk about the underlayment first. Underlayment is especially manufactured for using it on […]

Is Laminate a toxic flooring? 7 reasons to switch to laminate!

Is Laminate Flooring toxic?

Laminate flooring is not toxic and offers a healthy solution for every health hazards. Here’s why you no longer must worry about installing non-toxic laminate flooring inside your home. Home is where your heart lives! Keeping the saying intact, as a family owner, our heart is forever onto our kids. Children need are kinds of […]

Why laminate boards? What makes it exclusively appealing & flawless?


Many homeowners love the aesthetics & appeal of hardwood floors, because they add value and quality to living space, to give out a magnificent glance and refined appearance. For such modern outlook, its sure that you need to inject heavy amount of finance. Now what? Are you down turning your desire and heading for carpet […]

Why to choose laminate Flooring over Carpet


When seeking for new flooring in the house, the first option that springs to your mind is carpet. But, do you think this choice is suitable for kitchen and bathroom? These areas need to be directly skipped, for we believe these are the high traffic areas. In kitchen, things are sure to get spilled on […]

Renovating your floors with laminate floorings? Check out this Quick installation guide!

An ultimate choice for every households in Australia, laminate boards have gained gigantic glory because of its desirable aesthetic and convincing price range with assorted advantages. With modern manufacturing technologies, anti-scratch & resistance features, mild dew & anti-mold built in properties, these floorboards have come a long way, making itself the most preferred choice for […]

Ultimate guide to Kitchen Flooring: Make your Kitchen a LUXURIOUS ONE!

kitchen flooring guide

Shabby kitchen, you end up eating delivered food or sleeping hungry most of the times. Beautiful kitchen ideas start by upgrading your floors. Most of the flooring designs today consists of low maintenance and durability. An array of beautiful material options and styles gives you an overwhelming experience. This blog is specially written to help […]

Eight Advantages of Laminate Flooring!

advantages of laminate flooring

Do you wonder why Laminate flooring are the most popular flooring amongst all? Well, the only answer is its affordability with a sophisticated appearance.  Choosing new flooring concept, leaving the traditional floorings behind can be mind-boggling. Trying new concept can be risky, but not in the case of laminated floorings. Laminated flooring is affordable, durable […]

10 must need to do tips to keep your wooden Floorings well maintained!

wooden floor maintenance tips

After getting frustrated with carpet floorings you finally give chance to wooden floorings. Your floor will shine & spark after installation to few more months but after that what? How will you maintain the same spark & shine every day, months and year? Most traumatizing question for every house owners & floor cleaner. Hardwood guarantee […]